Destination Wealth


by Dave Fisher CFP ®

Destination Wealth is the definitive guide that you need, to tackle your personal finances. Drawing on his thirty-year career in financial planning, author Dave Fisher imparts five powerful financial success secrets that will make your money work for you. The book begins by revealing how you can cultivate your winning money mindset and redefine your financial context. Then, Dave simplifies seemingly complex financial concepts on earning, budgeting, saving, spending and investing. Moreover, he does this by drawing on real-life success stories that inspire you to take action. As a result, you are empowered to be your own financial planner. Learning the secrets to lasting financial success in Destination Wealth will launch you on a path of wealth creation that will leave you with a powerful legacy.

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher is a Certified Financial Planner ®. His thirty years of experience has culminated in a wealth of financially successful clients. Together with his partner, Andrew Dugmore, Dave has established the Fisher Dugmore Group of financial services companies which equips clients to implement smart, sustainable financial plans that drive them towards living their ideal lifestyles. Dave’s passion is to help others reach their financial potential by guiding them to become money savvy and to optimize their lifestyles, ultimately setting them on the path to wealth creation.

After applying the contents of this book in his own life, and seeing it pave the way to success for his clients too, Dave wants to share his financial success secrets with you. “My purpose is to teach you how to change your context to achieve success in all areas of your life.” Now, through his new book , he empowers South Africans to upgrade the way they think about money as a result guiding them to reach their financial goals. “I show you how to upgrade the way that you think about money so that you can earn (and keep) more of it, protect your most important asset (it’s not what you think!) and multiply meagre savings into a remarkable fortune, and much, much more.”

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  • Dave Fisher has been of enormous help to me with managing my personal finances during the many years of my being totally committed to my professional work. It is always good to know that professionals are taking care of what you produce and are giving you security for the long run. The team has done an outstanding job with great personal service, good financial acumen and a clear and structured plan.

    Nick Binedell, MBA, PhD, Gordon Institute of Business Science founding director

  • I earned what I own the good old-fashioned way – hard work bound by a strong values system. I learned from my mum to be generous. Because I saw my mum and gran run our household financially and operationally, I believe that women must take control of their own financial independence. I read a beautiful quote somewhere that went along the lines of “The true mark of humanity is not how much we give to those who have in abundance but how much we give to people who have little.

    Shireen Chengadu, MBA, PhD, director, author, 2014 South Africa Businesswoman of the Year finalist

  • With careful investing and his knowledge of the markets, Dave performed miracles with our money. We could never have achieved it without him. This has been a journey of faith. We never doubted God’s grace and care in our lives. We never doubted Dave’s ability or his integrity. I stand amazed at how God has blessed us.

    Glenda Morehen, senior mathematics teacher

  • Like many people, I had been lazy about preparing for my retirement. Ten years ago, I started working with Dave to assist me to make provision for the years ahead. He has helped me to structure my various investments and to find the ideal balance between property, equities and other vehicles. We set targets and, with Dave’s help, I was able to build an appropriate portfolio, leaving me confident that I have provided sufficiently for my retirement. Without Dave’s supportive approach and guidance, I would not be where I am today.

    Karl Hofmeyr, MBA, university professor, leadership and organisational behaviour

  • I have developed an enormous amount of respect for Dave over the past thirteen years of doing business with him. His honest, sound advice regarding my income protection literally saved our livelihood and protected our future. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be medically boarded and not be able to practice dentistry anymore. And never would I have prepared financially for such a moment if I didn’t have Dave’s guidance. Thanks to Dave, our assets were protected. Through his humble and honest guidance, we get to live a beautiful life where I can provide for my family even without practicing my profession.

    Nicky Perdijk, PhD, dentist, entrepreneur and life coach

  • In working with Dave through the years, he must have said a thousand times, “Your money is not working for you. You should leverage your money better”. Thanks to him, I finally got it. I am extremely thankful for the fact that I was able to support both my parents financially as they grew older. This would not have been possible had I not developed my own thinking about money and gotten the best advice from my friend and wealth mentor over many years. Lesson learned: listen to Dave.

    Annelise de Jager, entrepreneur and inspirational teacher

  • I met Dave Fisher in 2002. He has been my financial coach and great friend ever since. Dave coached me on wealth and money issues, and we put a financial plan together. In the beginning of our relationship, Dave must have been pulling his hair out at my ill-discipline. But he’s been patient and consistent, and, thanks largely to him, I am in a blessed financial situation today.

    Dean Raymond Davey, executive director, Workforce Advisory

Destination Wealth

Destination Wealth

Destination Wealth