Success lies in choosing to follow goals that you consistently visualize until they have been achieved. We share how you can determine what your picture of success is and how you can achieve your success goals.

Dave Fisher, author of Destination Wealth, reveals his picture of success and his secret weapon to achieve it.

“Choices are the hinges of destiny.”

– Edwin Markham

Is this really what success looks like?

At the start of the new year, it is a ritual to make resolutions, or to at least ‘freshen up’ our lifestyles. Often, after a restful holiday season, we’re ready to ‘do things right’ again. It seems like the perfect time to do a cleanse, sometimes quite literally. This is the time where we delve into our homes and do a proper spring clean, digging into the neglected nooks and crannies. We commit to hit the gym every morning, or take on a physical challenge (“This year I’ll run that marathon!”). We also cleanse our diets… no more junk food, alcohol and treats. It’s time to trim down with detox diets and fasting. We say, and often truly believe, many things at the start of a year.

Success: Feeling frustrated when we can't uphold our resolutions.

Majority of the time, we don’t uphold our new years’ ideals, and, come the second week of January, we’re back to our old ways. The worst part is, we beat ourselves up about it. We feel guilty that we didn’t do what we set out to do. Perhaps, though, running an organised household, being a super athlete and sticking to fad diets is not really what your picture of success is. Maybe, there’s more to succeeding than the obvious lifestyle cleanse. (This is not to say that maintaining good health by exercising and eating well shouldn’t be a priority.)

Your ‘real’ picture of success

As Dave Fisher, author of Destination Wealth, says “there are as many personal definitions of success as there are people on Earth”. It is a deeply personal concept. One person’s success doesn’t ring true for another.

“Success can be emotional, i.e. contentment. Success can be intellectual, i.e. intelligence. Success can be spiritual, i.e. enlightenment. And of course, success can be financial, i.e. wealth. Our financial success (or lack thereof) affects these other key areas of life.”

– Dave Fisher

It is important to seek your version of success. Dave explains that he aims to be the best version of himself in every role and/or aspect of his life.

Tony Robbins explains that there are six core human needs which contribute to our basic success:

  1. Certainty: The need for security, stability and reliability.
  2. Uncertainty: The need for variety and challenges.
  3. Significance: The need to feel important, needed, wanted and worthy of love.
  4. Love and connection: The need to feel connected with and loved by other human beings.
  5. Growth: The need for constant development emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.
  6. Contribution: The need to give beyond ourselves to others.

To truly succeed in your life, you have to start by defining what your image of success is.

Envision your image of success.

A simple formula

Once you have the overall image in your mind, envision success in each area of your life. What does it mean to be successful in your career? What is your picture of a successful husband/wife? What does it mean to be a successful parent?

Then, choose to achieve your goals in every area. Choose to succeed everyday by consistently visualizing the end result, until you have achieved it.

As such, our success formula is:

(Visualize it) x (every area in your life) = Your goals

(Choose to succeed) x (consistent reminders) = Achieving your goals

Your choices make you succeed, in life and in your finances

The decisions we make every day can turn our daily routine into habits of success. Our financial prosperity is no different. If we choose to actively work towards achieving financial success, we will make it a habit to work towards our goals.

You can choose to achieve success.

As Dave explains, financial success does not form part of the six core human needs that Tony Robbins refers to, but it underscores all of them:

“Although money isn’t one of our core needs, it does play a starring role in all six. For example, we can’t achieve certainty without money to provide for food and shelter. We can’t focus on personal growth if we’re worrying about paying bills. And we certainly can’t help others if we can’t provide for ourselves.”

So, picture your image of success, in every aspect of your life, and determine to what extent you will need money to achieve your goals. Then, make financial success one of your goals by envisioning what it looks like to you. Now, it’s time to choose to be successful and consistently work towards achieving your goals.

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