Destination Wealth is a celebrated book. The philosophy behind it has been conceptualized, fine-tuned and applied in practice for decades. The Destination Wealth philosophy is the result of Certified Financial Planners Andrew Dugmore and Dave Fisher’s long-spanning careers in financial planning. It is the philosophy that underpins their clients’ powerful financial success stories. Dave explains that, through the Fisher Dugmore Group, their financial services group of companies, “we advise, coach and mentor other South Africans to achieve the success they desire too.”

“[Destination Wealth] is a collection of previously unpublicized financial planning insights, which offers a proven process to build and protect wealth at any age and income through simple mindset shifts and sustainable behavior changes.”

– Dave Fisher, Destination Wealth

Praise for Destination Wealth

Destination Wealth, the book written by Dave Fisher, has received much acclaim in the personal finance field. Established professionals in the financial industry and award-winning authors recommend this book to readers to empower themselves with the skills to manage their own finances.

Upon reading Destination Wealth, readers feel inspired to take action regarding their finances, but this is not just another book about finances. It tells personal financial success stories and shares a philosophy that has been central to the Fisher Dugmore Group.

“Destination Wealth is a great addition to the personal finance education landscape in South Africa. It is written in plain language with no jargon which means that people with diverse financial backgrounds will be able to understand it. Importantly, this is a book by a South African financial planner for South Africans – no American mumbo jumbo here! I like Dave’s combination of wisdom and common sense that pervades this book, it covers a wide range of topics in a way that is easy to understand. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their money.”

– Warren Ingram, Certified Financial Planner and Author

Where it all started

Andrew Dugmore and Dave Fisher - the Fisher Dugmore Financial partners and proponents of the Destination Wealth philosophy.
Andrew Dugmore and Dave Fisher

The power of finding your why – Dave’s story

We all experience both pain and pleasure in life. Every decision we make is either to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Pain motivated Dave to succeed.

A desire to improve

Dave was never athletically strong in his youth. As a tall and scrawny teenager with a poor self-image, he decided to make a change – he started working out. Driven by his desire to improve, he spent many hours at the gym throughout his twenties. This taught him self-discipline, which drove his success in other areas of his life.

Determined to change

Growing up with criticism from his father fueled Dave’s determination to succeed. Furthermore, his first marriage turned into divorce and left him with a great deal of debt. On the verge of losing his possessions, Dave decided to make a change. Working hard to repay what he owed set him on a journey to financial success.

A life of purpose

The importance of his purpose only became apparent to Dave later in his life. His wife, Karen, supported him in finding his ‘why’, which he discovered through reviving his faith.

Attaining financial success

Dave’s determination has led him to be financially successful, far beyond his past expectations. He holds significant and steadily growing investments, which has allowed his family and him to live a lifestyle filled with memorable experiences that were far beyond his reach growing up.

Find out what Dave’s purpose is by reading his full story in Destination Wealth.

A drive to succeed – Andrew’s story

Andrew’s ambition to succeed has taught him to work with voracious determination and dedication to achieve his financial and life goals.

Awakened ambition

Andrew was born into a middle-class family. His mother worked two jobs to ensure that her sons could attend private tuition and horse-riding lessons. Attending private schools exposed Andrew to a lifestyle which he found appealing. This inspired him to improve his financial circumstances by earning his own money. Andrew’s ambitions ensured that he did various part-time jobs. These illuminated what he was passionate about doing for a living.

An opportunity arises

Andrew’s career started when a friend suggested he join his sales team selling Reeva Forman cosmetics. Keen to earn more, he jumped at the opportunity. Andrew excelled at his job in sales, performing so well that he eventually had to employ students to help him keep up with his deliveries.

Finding financial truths

Right through his compulsory military service, Andrew worked. During one delivery run, he met Dr. Reg Barrett from the Theosophical Society. Their chance meeting turned into a mentorship, which taught Andrew powerful lessons about financial stewardship.

Find out what financial truths Andrew learned by reading his full story in Destination Wealth.

The birth of Fisher Dugmore Financial

Andrew Dugmore and Dave Fisher at the merger event of Fisher Dugmore Financial.
Andrew Dugmore and Dave Fisher at the Fisher Dugmore Financial merger event.

Fisher Dugmore Financial is the product of a merger between Andrew Dugmore and Associates and DFB Financial Advisory Services. The merger is the culmination of this partnership which offers its clients a greater depth of service and expertise.

The partners have over 65 years of cumulative financial planning experience, giving the group greater bargaining power. As such, Fisher Dugmore Financial has the ability to reduce fees to further maximize its clients’ investment growth.

Andrew Dugmore and Associates and DFB Financial Advisory Services were in partnership for over a decade prior to the brand merge, in the form of Fisher Dugmore & Associates (their joint short-term division), building on the same unique financial planning philosophy – the Destination Wealth philosophy.

The Destination Wealth philosophy

“Destination Wealth is the culmination of my and Andrew’s personal experiences and professional financial advising career. We are driven by our shared passion to help others make changes to live up to their financial potential.”

– Dave Fisher, Destination Wealth

Destination Wealth encompasses Fisher Dugmore Financial’s approach to financial planning. Behind Fisher Dugmore Financial’s doors, the Destination Wealth philosophy underpins the advice and support that the Fisher Dugmore team offers its clients.

Their unique strategy focuses on establishing a foundation with each client, building a strategy to protect clients’ assets, equipping clients to achieve their goals and accumulate wealth, while guiding them to grow their wealth as well as distribute it seamlessly.

By sharing their approach in Destination Wealth, the book, Dave reveals the secrets to true financial success. Broadly speaking, Destination Wealth addresses South Africans’ most pressing concerns about earning, budgeting, saving and spending.

What Destination Wealth can do for you

Dave Fisher signing copies of his book, Destination Wealth.
Dave signing copies of his book, Destination Wealth.

Destination Wealth empowers you to upgrade the way that you think about money. As a result, you’ll learn how to earn (and keep) more of it. You will know how to protect your most important asset. In addition, you will multiply meagre savings into a remarkable fortune, and much, much more. It’s all legal, all ethical and all for South African professionals, students, families and pensioners.

A financial education that will set you on a wealth creation success journey is more valuable than many of us realize. This is because we have to take charge of our own financial wellbeing. At present in South Africa, Dave and Andrew believe that you will only be able to provide for yourself and your family upon your death in a meaningful way through your own wise money management.

Through Destination Wealth, you will gain the tools you need to manage your money successfully. This will allow you to build long-lasting wealth and achieve financial success.

The Fisher Dugmore partners want to share their proven financial planning success secrets with you through Destination Wealth. Get your copy now to set yourself on a journey to reach your wealth destination. Follow Destination Wealth on LinkedIn, Facebook (@destinationwealthbook ) and Instagram (destinationwealthbook) for useful, free financial content, inspired by the Destination Wealth book and philosophy.

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