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5 financial success secrets to make your money work for you

“This book is not another textbook about money. It was written with energy, it is highly personal and it reads like a story.”
– Jeanette Marais, Deputy CEO, Momentum Metropolitan

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Most of us are terrified of tackling our finances. We either leave it to the pros or leave it altogether. Destination Wealth cultivates your money mindset to pave your way to financial freedom – no qualifications needed!

Destination Wealth is the go-to financial guide that you have been waiting for. Dave Fisher (CFP) ® shares his celebrated secrets to financial success, drawing on his thirty-year career as a financial planner. Each chapter reveals a financial strategy that can transform your financial context. He begins by rewiring your money mindset, before moving on to break down otherwise overwhelming financial concepts of earning, budgeting, saving, spending and investing.

He does this in easily understandable step-by-step instructions and by drawing on his and his clients’ success stories. Not only will you possess the financial know-how to take charge of your personal finances, but you will be motivated to get started now.

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7 reviews for Destination Wealth

  1. Nad Padayachy

    Thank you so much for your book which I recieved last week.
    I have completed reading it and must complement you on an interesting, inspiring and informative read.
    I do wish that I could have recieved that book about fourty years ago.

    I will however recommend it to my son and friends to read.
    Thanking you once again, sincerley.

  2. Jen Pretorius (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing read. I am planning on giving this book to everyone I know for birthdays, Christmas, whatever celebration. What better gift to give someone than Financial security or tips on how to get there. I grew up with a mom as a financial planner and she’s given me quite a bit of knowledge but the way this book just simplifies things and equips you to make better financial decisions is great. Also love the fact that it is based on South Africa and the regulations in our country. And love the way Wealth Health and Faith are brought together!!

  3. Beverly Prentice


    Thank you so much for your excellent book!
    The advice and comments are written in a way that the can easily be understood and applied to everyday life as well as our financial wellbeing. This book should be read by everyone on a financial journey!

  4. Warren Ingram

    Destination Wealth is a great addition to the personal finance education landscape in South Africa. It is written in plain language with no jargon which means that people with diverse financial backgrounds will be able to understand it. Importantly, this is a book by a South African financial planner for South Africans – no American mumbo jumbo here! I like Dave’s combination of wisdom and common sense that pervades this book, it covers a wide range of topics in a way that is easy to understand. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to take control of their money.

  5. Jenny Koster

    Wow Dave!

    What an uplifting, inspirational and motivational piece of work written with so much passion and wisdom. You have succeeded in sharing so many life and financial lessons and guidelines. I sincerely hope that the content of your “Destination Wealth” will serve as a turning point for many whose financial river water is not accumulated in the wisely described dams.

    Well done!

  6. Anthony Morris

    Having devoured this book, I commend you for keeping it SIMPLE, laying out in layman’s terminology the Science and Maths of wealth creation and preservation. Clients today are NOT interested in opinions – they want facts and evidence. You have woven most of what people need to know into a well-crafted journey into one’s financial future with enough substance to allow the reader to make smarter decisions about their money while overcoming past mistakes. I would buy a copy for every single client as a holiday gift and sit back smiling as my January diary filled up with profitable client meetings! I read the book from cover to cover in a single enthralling session.

  7. Nick Binedell

    I am in admiration of anyone who puts pen to paper and salute you!

    I read through it last night. I like that it has an encouraging positive tone and a good sound framework for so many of us who need to reflect on our long term personal finances.

    Thanks once again for all your support over the years and I am sure this will be a useful tool for people that you engage with and others.

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